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The company which institutionalised Ahmedabad’s skyline with skyscrapers, Goyal & Co was founded in 1971, in the largest city of Gujarat. A legacy which started in Ahmedabad and spread to the metropolitan cities of India. Goyal & Co. embraced uncertainty and change to remain at the forefront of the industry.

The company built itself on the foundation of perseverance, innovation and transparency, leading it to set a benchmark in the landscape of high-quality residential properties. By changing the silhouette of Ahmedabad, the company focused on touching the skies with their spacious properties, while maintaining the traditionality of Indian culture.

The values of Gopal & Co. are the basis of its success and skyrocketing portfolio. Practising fair business methods, promoting honesty and transparency, and integrity is a vital part of Gopal & Co’s internal structure. Additionally, maintaining solidarity with colleagues and clients is of utmost importance as it commemorates for smooth functioning of the company. The company is sensitive to communities and the environment where they work, taking responsibility for the community.

Goyal’s legacy will be in the care of the new generation as they efficiently transcend Goyal & Co. into the new millennium. The company has built world-class residential complexes and parks with innovative designs and traditional goodwill. Succeeding in the residential sector, they also created modern commercial spaces. Over 5 decades, the business has been built on a foundation of trust with its customers. Their promises are etched in concrete and new promises will be fulfilled.






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